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About Floors by Pros

When you deal with Floors By Pros, you know you're dealing with the best.  Our staff is comprised of flooring professionals who have worked on some of tri-states most luxurious homes.  Our management team has not only worked on commercial and residential sites, but has also worked in flooring wholesale and distribution.  So when we say we know the hardwood flooring business inside and out, we mean it.

The flooring business is filled with fly-by-night companies who employee low-wage employees and do a shoddy job.  At Floors by Pros, we are in it for the long run.  The jobs that we do today are looked at as opportunities for future jobs.  We feel that the best 'thank you' that we get from our clients is a referral so we work hard to make sure we satisfy our clients and they in turn recommend us to their friends, families and colleagues.  That's the true hallmark of a successful company.

To speak to our seasoned professionals, please contact us or call 201-446-9383

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